COVID-19 Updates

The Coronavirus has interrupted lives and businesses around the globe, and Aiver Saddle has not been immune.  In addition to lock-downs limiting the ability of saddle fitters and agents to conduct fittings and sales calls, the U.K. implemented complete business shutdowns for nearly two months this spring.  Even when the government allowed production to restart, every business needed to maintain strict procedures to ensure employees and the public are safe.  These protocols meant that even when production resumed, it was at a fraction of normal. Obviously this has created backlogs throughout the industry.

With our saddle makers, we have collaborated to modify our procedures, streamlined some production areas, and invested where we needed to in order to expedite a return to reasonable production levels so we can serve our customers.

Meanwhile we are adhering to local guidelines and recommendations for physical distancing, mask-wearing, and sanitization when working with our clients and customers to ensure their safety.

Thank you to our wonderful customers and team for your adaptability and understanding during these times!