Boemerang Jump Saddle
Boemerang Jump Saddle
Boemerang Jump Saddle
Boemerang Jump Saddle

Boemerang Jump Saddle

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The Aiver Boemerang jumping saddle is stunning and performs exceptionally well.  It provides outstanding security and confidence in the saddle, whilst the rider is still able to feel exactly how the horse is moving. Available in 16", 16.5", 17", 17.5" and 18".


With short, cut-back tree points specifically designed not to impede the horse's shoulder movement, this saddle allows the horse to use its body correctly over the jumps. The tree design has an open arch to give good clearance on the horse’s withers. Wool-flocked with an added layer of gel foam in the panels, it provides incredible comfort for the horse’s back. 


Riders report feeling a huge difference, and that their horses feel more powerful in this saddle — test riders gave it a 10/10 for performance and comfort. The balance and block positions provide leg stability, security in the saddle, and greater confidence over jumps. Gel memory foam through the seat gives improved comfort and shock absorption.


A clever built-in quick-change mechanism allows the saddle to be fully adjustable from Narrow - XX Wide in under two minutes. Reduce concerns about the horse changing due to training, growth, or other factors as the saddle is able to adjust to accommodate a wide range of horses and builds.


Unless you specify otherwise, the Boemerang comes standard with:

  • Havana brown calf leather
  • Front and back knee blocks
  • Monoflap design


Customise your saddle to add made-to-order design details or fit:

  • Add the Design Package to: change the piping/welting colour; change the stitching colour; add a cantle effect of contrasting leather colour, patent leather, faux-crocodile, faux-lizard or a variety of sparkle colours. We will be in touch to confirm all design aspects.

  • Add the Knee Block Options to change the standard front and back blocks to moveable/removeable block using velcro panels on the flap (must be dual flap - not available in mono flap). 

If you would like a bespoke saddle with additional changes or features, please contact us (Contact Us link at bottom of page) so we can provide you with a detailed estimate.


Fully handmade in Walsall, U.K. by master saddlers. Every component of this saddle is made in England including the saddle tree and gullet mechanism.

  • Made from luxurious English calf leather.

  • Wool-flocked with high-quality Jacobs wool; dual layer panels provide a layer of gel foam to increase shock absorption for the horse’s back.

  • Saddle trees are manufactured to surpass the latest British Standard BS 6635:2015.


Each saddle is made to order. Estimated delivery is 8-12 weeks from order placement.